Choosing the Ostomy Pouch That’s Right for You

It’s a great blessing for ostomy patients to have several options for selecting pouches. CYMED has plenty of size, shape, and functional pouch varieties that will match your personal requirements. Whether you need pouches for colostomy, urostomy, or ileostomy, we can help you find the most appropriate supplies.

Choosing the Right Ostomy Pouch

Right Ostomy Pouch for Me

These are the pouch styles you should research or sample when choosing the best MicroSkin ostomy pouch.

Closed-End Pouches

Some patients may experience thicker stool that’s easier to track, making discharge more predictable. If that’s the case for you, then we recommend a closed-end pouch. You can get them in different sizes, but it’s crucial to know how fast a pouch would fill and how to manage it. It’s not a wise idea to let them get more than half full before replacing them. So, keep this in mind if you select a smaller size.

Drainable Pouches

Drainable pouches are convenient for patients who typically experience loose stool and less predictable bowel movements. CYMED carries several versions of these at various prices.

Urostomy Pouches

Not all ostomy patients need to expel stool into their pouches. Therefore, we manufacture urostomy pouches specifically for urinary purposes. These are a little smaller and drain through a tap or valve.

One Piece or Two Piece?

Another important consideration is whether to use one or two-piece pouches. This has a lot to do with how you prefer to maintain them. We covered this to some extent in our previous post on proper emptying and cleaning.

One-piece pouches have everything in one spot, including the pouch, adhesive material, flanges, and all components. Patients who want to keep a lower profile and hide their pouches will often choose one-piece products.

Two-piece pouches consist of two detachable components: the pouch and the flange (AKA “wafer”). These may be bulkier than one-pieced pouches, but they’re easier to drain because you don’t have to detach the entire pouch to do it. If you select these pouches, be sure to check your stoma periodically since you may not notice skin problems if you don’t remove the flange as often.

You can learn more about our pouch selection by visiting the “shop” section of our website, where we have over 30 pouch variations.

CYMED MicroSkin aims to help ostomy patients manage their condition easily while maintaining a normal lifestyle. You can learn more about our hypoallergenic pouches and other supplies by contacting us at 1-800-582-0707.