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Why can't you just take my samples request over the phone?
Last Updated 4 years ago

We can for those with disabilities or no internet access. 

While there may be advantages to taking phone requests, the big disadvantage is the time it takes to process the call.  If we are inundated with a constant stream of phone requests, we are not able to process all of the requests in a timely manner.  Accepting only online requests, with few exceptions, allows us to thoroughly evaluate all  information provided via the online questionnaire, and send out custom sample packages that meet the needs of the individual, all in a reasonable amount of time.

Generally, if the requestor takes the time to answer all questions completely and accurately, we are able to send out a customized sample package that meets the needs of the ostomate.

In some cases we do need to call you to follow up on a point that needs clarification.

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