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Should I use a pouch with a hydrocolloid ring (washer)?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Whether or not you use a hydrocolloid ring (washer) is up to you.  If you sample the product, and achieve the results you are looking for, then go with it.

However, we do not recommend using a hydrocolloid ring (washer) if the stoma does not protrude continuously.  Nor do we recommend using rings on flush/recessed stomas.  A hydrocolloid ring, when used with a flush/recessed stoma, tends to continuously absorb liquid until it reaches capacity.  Once absorption capacity is reached, the ring begins to degrade, creating an opportunity for seal failure and leakage.

With a continuously protruding stoma, the edge of the hydrocolloid ring will "turtleneck" or hug the stoma, creating a seal, and cutting of absorption.

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