Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated 8 years ago

Nurses only:

  • If you know what your patient needs, you have an option to send your request via email to: (please write it down for future use).   Requests to this address will only be accepted from Nurses.  If you are not sure of the exact product you would like to order, please provide as much information as possible, e.g., type of ostomy; flush/recessed or protruding stoma (if protruding, at least 1/4"); diameter and shape of stoma; irritation, hernia, scarring, etc.; liquid output.
  • Nurses may also open a Nurse Support Ticket where you can provide details of the situation and we can help to identify the best products for your patient (Help Topic #2 on Open New Ticket screen).  If you are not ordering a specific product number, please provide as much information about the patient's needs as possible.

In either case samples are provided with the understanding you agree to our Samples Policies. If you haven't read them, please take a moment to review them.

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