Request a Sample

We're happy to get so many requests for samples, but to keep up with them and serve you better we've changed how we take these requests.

In the future, we'll be accepting only online website requests through our Customer Service Support Ticket System (unless there is a disability or no access to internet).

To Request Free CYMED Samples:

Please click here to review the CYMED Samples Policies and here to start a Samples Request Ticket.


  • a very fast one-time registration is required (please provide your name and email address)
  • if you're requesting samples for someone else, there's one more step, first entering basic information about yourself in option 2,
  • when your email is validated (should be a minute), click on "Open a New Ticket" and select topic 1. Samples,
  • then answer all the relevant questions, press submit, and you're done.
  • you will receive an instant confirmation your request was received, and a Ticket#, allowing you to check it's progress anytime after.
  • if there are any questions you will be contacted as needed.
  • As the ticket is processed it will be updated and you can check back on the status of it when you choose.