Simple Strategies for Changing Pouches in a Public Restroom

Do you have concerns over how to handle pouch situations and troubleshooting when you go out in public?

Yes, when you think about it, there are a few obvious bottleneck scenarios, which could present significant difficulty, unless you prepare carefully. One of those involves changing ostomy pouches in a public restroom, which is bound to happen at some point or another.

Don’t worry, though. We’ll give you a quick guide on ways to accomplish this task without heavy stress and embarrassment.

Simple Strategies for Changing Pouches in a Public Restroom

Gather the Supplies You Need

There are a few “essentials” you should keep with you any time you go out somewhere. These include back-up pouch systems, skin wipes, barriers, seals, hand sanitizers, and deodorizers. You can add whatever else you’d like, but the goal should be to keep it reasonable since this is what you’d carry during every trip.

Secure an Effective “To-Go” Bag

While you may not need to do this but seldom, you’ll want to be prepared as if a problem could arise anytime you leave your home. The best strategy is to always carry your supplies in an effective carry-on bag. Select something compartmentalized, so it’ll be easier to grab specific items faster. Part of your objective should be to have everything neat, organized, and easy-access.

Restroom Changing

So, here’s how to handle pouch changes tactically. This will work somewhat differently depending on whether you’re changing a drainable pouch, the entire system (including the wafer), or a closed-ended, one-piece ostomy pouch.

For drainable ostomy pouches, it involves draining it into a public toilet. This may be the least complicated of the various pouch systems, but not all bathrooms have spectacular space and amenities. Therefore, it’s worth your time to practice a little before you experience a genuine emergency. Other than that, make sure they’re secured tight, after draining, and before resuming normal activities.
Of course, some ostomates prefer the one-piece pouch system, because there’s no draining involved. As long as you can discard it and switch to something new when it’s three-quarters full, then there’s not much risk of trouble.

Finally, you can change every ostomy component altogether, provided you take your time and proceed carefully. Just like traveling with your pouches, the best strategy is to carry some pre-cut pouches. That way you can manipulate, swap, and secure every item (pouch, wafer, barrier, etc.) without spending several minutes in an uncomfortable restroom stall.

Hopefully, this offers some pointers on handling the prospects of swapping out ostomy pouches in an unfamiliar public location.

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