Surviving Winter with an Ostomy: Cold Weather Tips

Winter weather forces all of us to make adjustments, which is no different for ostomy patients. If you’re new to managing a colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy, then you’ll want to check out these helpful hints for handling things well when the temperatures drop.

Cold Weather Tips for Surviving Winter with an Ostomy

Be Careful with Your Diet – This is a significant issue this time of year for two reasons: 1) It’s the holiday feasting season, and 2) Colder weather entices us to consume hot foods. The former requires one to be pragmatic about all those holiday treats, which might impose digestion problems. You should avoid the second problem by selecting milder foods, and focusing on hydration. Ostomy patients, compared to the general population, should make fluid consumption an important emphasis all year long.

Protect Against Cold Air – The skin around the stoma is quite sensitive to external stimuli, including old air. You’ll find an easy remedy to this issue by dressing in layers, using loose-fitting clothing that won’t create friction.

Pouch Adhesives Must Remain Warm – While you don’t want to “re-heat” adhesive materials with artificial sources, it is important to make sure they’re not too cold to work effectively. One way to avoid adhesive failure is to rub the pouches between your hands to warm them before application.

Keep Extra Supplies – This is always great advice, and perhaps even more so if you wish to travel for the holidays. Prudent ostomy patients will keep at least a week’s worth of pouches, barrier rings, stoma paste, and cleaning supplies.

Contact Medical Professionals for Help – If you run into serious complications, then don’t hesitate to seek your nurse or doctor’s help. Most patients have to make adjustments in colder months, but it’s not radically different from any other time of year. The primary focus should be on proper dieting, staying warm, having supplies ready, and following doctor recommendations.

Cymed MicroSkin: Always Here to Help

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