Bathing with Your Ostomy

Once you’ve had an ostomy procedure, you’ll want to pay close attention to bathing. It requires some adjustment, but like most of the other topics we discuss, there’s no reason to feel discouragement or anxiety. We want to show you a few pointers that will make bathing and showering easier following an ostomy.


Tips for Bathing with Your Ostomy

With or Without Your Pouch?

You can take a shower either with or without your pouch. Just follow a couple of house-keeping steps mentioned below. Water and air do not impact or enter your stoma, so you have some leeway here.

Showering Without Your Pouch: Remove The Skin Barrier

If you elect to remove your pouch, don’t forget to take off the skin barrier securing it to you. This is a good time to attach a new one after you finish bathing.

Showering With Your Pouch: Double Check the Seal

You can wear your pouch, including the skin barrier, while showering. You’ll want to avoid getting water into the pouch or damaging it by double checking your seal to ensure proper fastening.

Use Gentle and All-Natural Cleaning Products

Skin sensitivity can be an issue for some ostomy patients. That’s why it’s so important to have pouches and accessory items that won’t irritate the skin around the stoma. This is also true of any soaps or products you use. These should include all-natural substances that don’t leave lots of residue. Sometimes, it may be difficult to apply your pouches if any oily soap residue remains.

Try to Shower When The Stoma is Less Active

It’s easier and less stressful to shower when your stoma is less active. After a few days, post-operation, you should be able to detect your body’s digestive patterns for bowel movements. It’ll be easier to shower at a different time.

Drying Advice

Gently pat with a towel around the stoma to dry your skin. If you use a hair dryer, it’s better to keep it on a lower setting.

These are the important things to remember when you’re bathing or showering with your ostomy. It’s not too complicated. You should be able to do almost all the same activities as you did prior to your ostomy.

The best part about ostomy procedures is that they do not require excessive lifestyle adjustments. This is especially true when you select safe, easy-to-use, and comfortable ostomy pouches such as our MicroSkin products.

CYMED MicroSkin is here to help with any issues you may experience following an ostomy procedure. If you have further questions about bathing with your ostomy, or would like to learn more about our products and service, call us at 800-582-0707.