Changing Your Ostomy Pouch Isn’t Difficult: Check Out These Tips

There are certain aspects of the post-ostomy recovery process that carry a bit of a learning curve. Many patients experience an initial struggle with changing ostomy pouches until they get the hang of it. Fortunately, we can help smooth the process with a few helpful tips.

Changing Ostomy Pouches

Tips on Changing Your Ostomy Pouch

Patience is a Key Virtue

We’ve heard countless post-surgery testimonies from patients over the years. Almost all of them can attest to some kind of struggle in the days or weeks following the procedure, but it doesn’t last forever. Patience is the key . . . patience with yourself as you acclimate to putting on pouches. Everyone’s a little different with it, too. Some patients do much better standing versus sitting when switching pouches. You won’t know which is better for you without experimenting with one or the other.

Change the Pouch Over the Sink

This might seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget, only to incur an unwanted mess. If reaching over a sink presents a problem, you can use toilets, showers, or tubs as an alternate approach. You’ll also want to have plenty of other cleaning supplies ready in case of a leak or other problems.

Ask for Help

Although it may seem uncomfortable or even embarrassing at first, you shouldn’t avoid asking a nurse or someone else to assist you with changing pouches. You’re certainly not the first post-ostomy patient to struggle, so it won’t be much trouble for an understanding medical professional.

Only Select Quality Ostomy Pouches & Accessories

One of the most important decisions for any ostomy patient is selecting the right brand, size, and type of pouches. We contend that our MicroSkin products can meet any patient’s needs. While you may need to experiment with different pouch styles (one versus two-piece), wafers, and adhesives, we’re confident we can help you narrow down the best options.

Cymed MicroSkin can help you with any other specific issues you have regarding the proper use and application of your ostomy supplies. Our products are top-notch and our staff wants to help you use them even as you resume normal activities after surgery. You can learn more about our products and how to use them by calling us anytime at 1-800-582-0707.