How Do I Find the Best Barrier Fit for My Stoma?

It’s so important to use ostomy pouch products that fit well without leaving you vulnerable to leaks and skin irritation. One of the key ingredients to ensuring the right fit involves selecting the best barrier.

Fortunately, Cymed MicroSkin products include various barrier options that secure the best fit possible. Since there’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach to this (or any other ostomy products), let’s focus on how to find the most appropriate barrier for your ostomy pouch system.

How Do I Find the Best Barrier Fit for My Stoma

Barrier Selection Considerations

Proper Sizing
This part may seem the most obvious, and it is. The only problem is that the stoma size may change somewhat following your surgery, so it’s a bit of a moving target. Ostomy supply companies, like ours, produce either pre-cut or cut-to-fit barriers for patients with various needs. You might have to try both to see what attaches well without forcing you to chase away gaps all the time.

Flexibility is a crucial factor for ostomates who wish to remain active following their procedure. The barrier dictates how well everything will “move with you” rather than create friction when you stretch, turn, twist, jump, or exercise.

Then there’s the opposite force that cooperates with flexibility. A reliable barrier will stretch back into place even after lots of motion.

Proper Adhesion
Can the barrier remain snug against your skin? This is a critical question because if the adhesion fails, your pouch will come loose, and probably at a very inopportune time. Of course, part of this depends on proper application as well. We have other supplies that assist with this, but it’s important to apply effective pressure (but not excessively) to achieve a strong attachment. Your body temperature will also affect how well this works (warmer skin helps).

Those are the key factors to remember when selecting the right MicroSkin barrier materials. As usual, you’ll probably explore this matter with a nurse or hospital staff following your ostomy procedure. We’re also available to troubleshoot, and you can check out our application steps page for assistance.

Cymed MicroSkin produces durable, hypoallergenic, and comfortable ostomy supplies, including one/two-piece pouch systems, barriers, stoma paste, and more. We run a medical supply service designed to maximize ostomy care for those who’ve undergone colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy. You can find out more about our products by calling us at 800-582-0707 or filling out the form below!