How to Choose an Ostomy Bag

How well do you know about the various ostomy pouches and their purposes? There are a few different types, and it’s important to use the right one, appropriate to your condition. Let’s cover the various ostomy bags or pouches in more detail.

How to Choose an Ostomy Bag

What is an Ostomy Bag?

An ostomy bag is a small pouch used to collect waste at the stoma site after an ostomy procedure. These are waterproof, can fit hidden under your clothes, and with proper usage, can safely and sanitarily handle stool and urine.

What are the Different Ostomy Bag Types?

There are three types of ostomy bags:

The colostomy procedure involves a repositioning of the large intestine so that waste products empty through the stoma. Colostomy bags handle the typically liquid byproducts that result from this.

Ileostomy is like colostomy except that it involves the small intestine rather than the large. This produces a byproduct that is also liquid and requires you to expel it multiple times throughout the day.

Urostomy diverts small intestine urine (from the ureters) to the stoma site. The byproduct is entirely liquid, so it helps to have a drainable pouch at all times.

Pouch Variations

Then we get into the various pouch configurations that provide optimal comfort and convenience. There are one-piece, two-piece, and close-ended pouches that provide distinct advantages. If you’re sensitive to skin irritation, the two-piece pouches are beneficial, whereas the close-ended ones are disposable and help with activities like swimming.

Some pouches are drainable and work great for all three ostomy conditions. We can also customize different sizes for child patients.

Finally, the pouches come with smaller accessories like stoma caps, flanges, and wafers. Stoma caps are helpful for patients who use irrigation techniques to stimulate bowel movements. Flanges and wafers attach to the pouch to provide a skin buffer that’ll reduce the chances of irritation.

MicroSkin Pouches from CYMED

CYMED manufactures a brand of ostomy pouches through its MicroSkin product line. They have all the components we mentioned, plus several other advantages.

  • They’re breathable.
  • They’re durable.
  • People around won’t notice you wear them.
  • The material is thin and elastic.

We even have special accessories like the Gore-tex Charcoal Filter that release gas and eliminate offensive odors. Our products help people live ordinary lives and partake in physical activities like swimming, running, strength training, and other activities.

CYMED’s MicroSkin pouches are the best products for all ostomy purposes. We know how important the post-surgery care process is for patients, which is why we design all our products to conform to your daily needs. If you’d like to learn more about MicroSkin pouches, please contact us at 800-582-0707.