A Basic Guide to Understanding a Urostomy

Here at Cymed, our mission involves producing reliable medical supplies for ileostomy, colostomy, and urostomy. These are all procedures that involve creating a conduit to allow waste items (solid or fluid) to evacuate the body differently. There are many reasons for doing this.

We make a gentle and effective product called MicroSkin, which is a type of pouch that helps with all three conditions. Today, let’s take a specific look at urostomy: what it is and how we assist with managing it.

Basic Guide to Understanding a Urostomy

What is a Urostomy?

More than 700,000 Americans obtain a urostomy every year, which is a way of allowing urine to leave the body through a surgically-created conduit that exits via the abdomen. This is an important relief mechanism as it allows urine to bypass its normal process through the bladder (in the event it’s compromised for any reason).

Why Would Someone Need a Urostomy?

This is usually done for patients who no longer have a working bladder, either due to removal or dysfunction.

Does Urostomy Shorten Your Lifespan?

Many patients express concern over the potential lifestyle/lifespan impacts from urostomies. We would like to reassure you that urostomy does not reduce your lifespan, nor does it limit your dietary options.

Moreover, there is nothing gross about it, insofar as you manage it with very basic personal care techniques. Immediately following surgery, you can expect an adjustment phase, but that’s common to almost any procedure of this nature. It doesn’t preclude a loss of bodily functions or the capability to perform all your favorite activities.

Nowadays, through the wonders of new technology, we’re able to create products that address virtually all comfort concerns related to urostomy, ileostomy, or colostomy.

How Does MicroSkin Address Urostomy?

Cymed is happy to help eliminate any stigma or discomfort once associated with urostomy pouches. We do so with our patented MicroSkin product, which is completely compatible with virtually all lifestyle activities: swimming, hiking, bicycling, running, working, and more.

We offer three types of urostomy pouches that are easy to use and change; they don’t cause friction, itching, or irritation, and are unnoticeable to those around you. They’re also completely affordable and less burdensome than ever.

Cymed hopes this information alleviates some of the concerns you may have regarding urostomy. It’s not the most well-known subject in American medicine, but it affects a significant number of people. That’s why we created MicroSkin pouches with the aim of meeting these crucial patient needs. If you’d like to learn more about us or have any product questions, please contact us at 1-800-582-0707.