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CYMED FREE PRODUCT SAMPLES POLICIES: (Rev. 09/03/2015) Please take a moment to review our policies below.  Once you have read all the way to the bottom, you must click on "YES", agreeing to our PRIVACY STATEMENT and all CYMED FREE PRODUCT SAMPLES POLICIES, as a condition of our offer to provide free samples.

Free Samples are offered only for
  • new ostomates,
  • ostomates currently using different products,
  • current CYMED product end-users who want to try different options, or
  • ostomy nurses, medical doctors, and other health professionals who serve ostomates.
Who can request free samples from CYMED?
  • Samples my be requested by the ostomate who wishes to evaluate CYMED ostomy pouches and/or accessories for his/her own possible use,
  • an authorized relative (spouse, parent, son/daughter, or other authorized relative),
  • a non-relative authorized caregiver, or
  • an authorized medical third party (nurse, nurse-assistant, doctor).
Free samples, including shipping are offered for addresses in the U.S. and Canada.  For addresses outside of the U.S. and Canada, we offer samples at no charge, but must charge for shipping.  If interested, submit a samples request via our Support Ticket System, and we will provide a quote via email for shipping charges to your country.

Additional Requirements

Samples requests
  • cannot be accepted for ostomates with medical emergencies or on a Rush basis.
  • may require further communication to clarify questions.
  • generally take 3-5 business days to be shipped.
  • cannot be used to defray or supplement product shortages and such requests will not be considered.
  • are generally shipped in CTF (cut to fit) styles.
  • submitted at the same time by ostomate and/or others on his/her behalf for same condition may result in blocking one from receiving samples.
  • we reserve the right to decline samples requests, or discontinue current sampling to anyone and for any reason.
  • to help ensure successful product trial, all applicable information requested must be provided or delays/declination may result.
  • if request is being made by a doctor, nurse, relative or other authorized third party, please fill out and keep current, information requested in Third Party Request Form.
CYMED respects the privacy of your personal information and will protect the confidentiality of the information contained on the Samples Request Questionnaire.  The only time the information may be used or shared is if it is (1) required by law; or (2) to provide you with information about CYMED products, services and wellness education.  You may be contacted by CYMED via telephone, email, US Mail, or other means of communication only for the purpose stated above.

By selecting "Yes" (below), you agree that you have read and accept our PRIVACY STATEMENT and all CYMED FREE PRODUCT SAMPLES POLICIES.  Without your agreement to these policies, we will be unable to provide samples.


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