Common Ostomy Leaks and How to Fix Them

Let’s take some time to review the ways to manage ostomy leaks. We design our MMicroSkin pouches to withstand everyday activities, including rigorous exercise like bicycling, running, and even swimming. Nonetheless, there’s still a potential for ostomy leaks, but we can give you a few pointers on how to either troubleshoot or avoid the problem.

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A Great Night of Sleep is Possible with an Ostomy

Undergoing any life-changing medical procedure incites a certain amount of dread in anyone. Among the procedures that many people have great concern over getting is an ostomy. While the procedure might seem invasive before it’s done, you’ll quickly find that after some getting used to it, you’ll be able to have the same quality of life that you enjoyed beforehand. Your activities won’t be hindered, and you won’t have to worry about not having the ability to enjoy life to its fullest potential.

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Choosing the Ostomy Pouch That’s Right for You

It’s a great blessing for ostomy patients to have several options for selecting pouches. CYMED has plenty of size, shape, and functional pouch varieties that will match your personal requirements. Whether you need pouches for colostomy, urostomy, or ileostomy, we can help you find the most appropriate supplies.

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Bathing with Your Ostomy

Once you’ve had an ostomy procedure, you’ll want to pay close attention to bathing. It requires some adjustment, but like most of the other topics we discuss, there’s no reason to feel discouragement or anxiety. We want to show you a few pointers that will make bathing and showering easier following an ostomy.

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Introducing New Foods to Your Ostomy

Introducing new foods back into your diet takes a lot of precaution following an ostomy procedure. We always recommend adhering to physician recommendations when deciding how fast to do so, but we have some general guidelines to help you approach this sometimes tricky matter.

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How to Choose an Ostomy Bag

How well do you know about the various ostomy pouches and their purposes? There are a few different types, and it’s important to use the right one, appropriate to your condition. Let’s cover the various ostomy bags or pouches in more detail.

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Understanding What a Colostomy Is

There may be a lot of misperceptions when it comes to the topic of colostomy. We’d like to dispel some of those and bring about a better understanding of the condition.

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How You Can Prevent Dehydration

One of the wisest things you can do is maintain optimal hydration. This is abundantly important to stoma patients, but also for the population at-large. With summer upon us, let’s examine a few ways to prevent dehydration that will make it easier to endure all the intense heat.

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Yes, You Can Travel with an Ostomy!

You might be wondering what it’s like to travel and move long distances with an ostomy. Thankfully, with modern advantages like MicroSkin pouches, it’s nowhere near as difficult to get around comfortably. Almost anybody can function just as well as the next person, provided you follow a few simple strategies. General Guidelines for Driving or … Read more